Technologies in the


I. The third technology platform

The disruption caused by technologies and the digital society's move towards a more digitized world. 

II. Digital transformation

The revolution that is driving change in current processes to take advantage of the benefits of technologies.

III. Social technologies

Inclusion and equality that allows technology to generate benefits for all humans.

IV. Data economics

The so-called new oil of the digital era. The value it generates for organizations and the relationships that position a company as a leader in this era. 

V. E-commerce

The new way of doing business in an increasingly digital and integrated world.

VI. Cybersecurity

Techniques to protect digital assets and recognition of the main cyber threats.

VII. Cloud Computing

Internet technology that empowers disruptive technologies.  

VIII. Mobility

An approach to technology that proposes new business models based on digital transformation.  

IX. Internet of things

A technology that fills the world with sensors and actuators capable of collecting data in any situation, in addition to the ability to automate processes and tasks.

X. Big Data

Techniques that allow the analysis and use of data to improve decision making in organizations.

XI. Artificial intelligence

Technologies that accelerate business processes and automate decision making.

XII. Robotics

Hardware and software robots. 

XIII. Virtual and augmented reality

In the coming years these technologies will enhance new experiences, new ways of learning and experimenting.  

XIV. Metaverse

One of the technologies that will most change the landscape of society and the economy in the next decade.   

XV. Blockchain

It is the technology of truth, it allows to create trust in Internet transactions, it empowers cryptocurrencies and the validation of digital assets.

XVI. Fintech

Revolution in financial management, both from the perspective of the service provider and the user.

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