MegaTec 2018 & MegaTec 2019




MegaTec 2018 edition culminated with total success thanks to our quality exhibitors, which deepened topics focused on the current technological development that unfolds in the new digital era.


This edition addressed topics such as: The Future, Mobility, Predictions, Cybersecurity, Digital Disruption, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Business on the Third Platform, and Blockchain. It also featured international and renowned speakers.

Media releases

- Computerworld: MegaTec 2018 will be headquartered in Costa Rica

Journal of the observatory of information technology education and IT profession, writes about the relevance of knowing the process of business development in the digital era: see the article here.

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The second convention of technological megatrends concluded with complete success. Experts from Spain, France, Colombia, Venezuela, the United States and Costa Rica took part in the event to share their knowledge, experience and research. 


This edition addressed topics such as: Technology and Business Concepts, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Mobility, Internet of Things, Digital Contracts. Best Practices and the Near Future. It also featured international and renowned speakers.

Media releases

- El Financiero: Second technology megatrends convention to be held in mid-May.

The prestigious business magazine El FINANCIERO, recognizes the importance of technologies applied to business and informs about the II Mega Tendencias Convention this coming May 16th and 17th: see the article here.

- La República: Costa Rica will host a new technological event.

La República, which defines itself as a leader in high-level journalistic coverage of economics, finance and business, as well as other topics of interest to Costa Rican executive and professional readers, understands the importance of MEGATEC and generates a news item with valuable information about the Convention: see the article here.-Computerworld: MegaTec 2019 includes the Business IT certificate as part of its program.

The prestigious Computerworld University announces the 2019 MEGATEC International Convention to be held in San Jose, Costa Rica and emphasizes that Business IT is included as part of the program: see the article here.