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MegaTec 2023 comes with Business IT.

This year we have scheduled the Business IT Program and its respective certification followed by MEGATEC.

MEGATEC takes place on July 06th and 07th , where we will incorporate Business IT concepts. Then, on July 08th we will complete the BUSINESS IT training program and at the end, you can take the exam and leave with your international certification.    


Business Information Technology is a program that enables executives, managers, administrators and all people related to business and technology to understand the fundamental concepts involved. It was created by IDG's Computer World University and the certification is awarded by the highly regarded APMG International.


Normally the Business IT program requires an investment of $1,000 and the certification exam $300, added to Megatec whose investment is $595, gives $1,895 in total. But, on this occasion we bring the opportunity to acquire a complete package that includes the three items mentioned above with a value of $999 only. This with the purpose of making it easier for you to acquire this knowledge so valuable and necessary nowadays.


The Business IT program will be taught by the Director of Computer World Universty,
a global technology influencer, futurist and creator of the program.
Indeed, Marlon Molina will be teaching the program on this occasion,
a great opportunity for Latin America.


See Business IT program information here. The certifying entity information can be found here

Be part of this fundamental certification and acquire the knowledge provided at MegaTec 2023