Albi Rodríguez Jaramillo

                                                                                        Venezuela/España  │   BID

                                                                                        Expert in Blokchain technology, Fintech, Microfinance and innovative projects with emphasis on the legal perspective.  As a current consultant for the IDB (IDB Lab) he has a vision of the use of technology to develop organizations, which he will talk about at Megatec 2023.

                                                                                        • IDB Technology and Regulatory Consultant (IDB Lab and Lacchain)

                                                                                        • Member of the Governmental Advisory Body (GBA) / INATBA - International Association for Blockchain Applications.  Spain

                                                                                        • Lawyer

                                                                                        • Master in Microfinance and Social Development.

                                                                                        • University Professor of Blockchain, Microfinance, Digital Transformation, etc.

                                                                                        • Co-founder of the Peruvian Fintech Association.


                                                                                        Marlon Molina

                                                                                        España │ Expert in technological trends

                                                                                        Expert in digital transformation and technological trends, futurologist in information technology. Named by Cherwell among the 10 technical influencers of the digital transformation in Europe.  

                                                                                        • Computer World University Director.

                                                                                        • Director del Laboratorio de Ciberseguridad del Clúster Madrid Fintech

                                                                                        • Director of the Support Center for Digital Transformation, agreement between the SSBS Business School and the Organization of American States.

                                                                                        In March 2023, he received the official Medal of Merit for Cybersecurity, he is a member of the Council for the Evaluation of Graduate Education Programs of the Community of Madrid, and certification officer of the Business IT Program, and Agile 5.

                                                                                        Eduardo Paz Lloveras

                                                                                        España │ echnology youtuber

                                                                                        The renowned youtuber of Technology applied to business will release a revealing video that we will see as a premiere at MegaTec 2023.

                                                                                        • Master in E-Commerce

                                                                                        • Law´s Bachelor 

                                                                                        • Information Technology expert

                                                                                        • Influencer.

                                                                                        • International consultant and researcher

                                                                                        • University professor

                                                                                        • Technology activist

                                                                                        • Writer.


                                                                                        Didier Esteban Mora Calderon

                                                                                        Costa Rica │ Microsoft latinoamerica 

                                                                                        Cloud Go-to-Market Lead with experience helping organizations in Latin America on their path to digital transformation and innovation through the use of cloud-based technology, with over 15 years of experience in technology, recognized for strategic territory management while expanding territory and developing new accounts.

                                                                                        • Expert in Azure Data and Azure Artificial Intelligence.

                                                                                        • CISCO Territory Manager.

                                                                                        • Systems Engineer from Universidad Nacional.

                                                                                        • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Network Systems and Telecommunications from Universidad Nacional.

                                                                                        • MBA from the European Business School.

                                                                                        • Multiple certifications in Azure.

                                                                                        • CISCO Sales Champion FY15.


                                                                                        Kenneth Waugh Holguin

                                                                                        Costa Rica  │ Digital Transformation

                                                                                        Kenneth Waugh will share his applied knowledge in Digital Transformation focused on business growth in excess of 100% annually.

                                                                                        • MBA from INCAE.

                                                                                        • CEO of COOPESA (a company dedicated to the maintenance and transformation of aircraft. Among its most important customers are Boeing).

                                                                                        • Entrepreneur of the Year in Costa Rica declared by El Financiero.

                                                                                        • Productivity leader.

                                                                                        Paul Solano

                                                                                        Estados Unidos/Costa Rica │IoT Expert

                                                                                        From the presentation of Engineer Paul Solano, we will learn about the innovations that are being made in the areas of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT), in various industries, especially in Energy.

                                                                                        • Industry 4.0 expert.

                                                                                        • Expert in IoT and Associated Technologies

                                                                                        • Leading pioneering IoT projects in the U.S.

                                                                                        • More than 10 informatic technology certificantions

                                                                                        • Computation Engineer

                                                                                        Johnny Aguirre

                                                                                        Costa Rica │ International XR expert

                                                                                        For 10 years he has worked leading XR teams in the development of more than 400 projects with immersive technologies for 3 continents. The goal is to empower the interconnected hybrid world, where the physical and virtual come together to improve the experience of how we live, work and learn. 

                                                                                        • International level speaker and also at CES, the world's most important technology fair.

                                                                                        • Graphic designer.

                                                                                        • At the head of the XR - Metaverse team of Gensler Latam that is dedicated to designing immersive experiences that elevate the interaction of the physical world.

                                                                                        • Co-founder of DoitXR and co-founder of WoW Emotions, the first XR company in the region.

                                                                                        Sebastián Villalobos

                                                                                        Costa Rica │ Process robotics

                                                                                        Expert in Digital Transformation, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots.

                                                                                        • Co-founder of SABANA TECHChief Technology Officer of SABANA TECH

                                                                                        • Solutions Architect for World Fuel Services

                                                                                        • Ui-Path MVP 2022 and 2023

                                                                                        • Certified RPA Developer

                                                                                        • Degree in Foreign Trade

                                                                                        Ángel García

                                                                                        USA │Expert in digital marketing

                                                                                        Digital Marketing expert with more than 20 years of experience in the technology sector, extensive experience in sales management, marketing and alliances using digital tools. Passionate advocate for driving business results through innovative solutions based on new and emerging technologies.

                                                                                        • Experience with global technology companies such as Sales Force, Amazon, VMware, Cisco, among others

                                                                                        • Business Management en University of Phoenix

                                                                                        • Multiple certifications in Technology

                                                                                        • Extensive knowledge of the Latin American market

                                                                                         Ludivina Facundo Flores

                                                                                        México │PhD in robotics and Artificial Intelligence

                                                                                        He is currently responsible for the development of training and training courses in Artificial Intelligence for different sectors (manufacturing, retail, finance, health, petrochemicals, etc.). In addition, it actively participates in the development of advanced solutions for the industry.

                                                                                        • Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at the Center for Industrial Innovation in Artificial Intelligence (CII.IA)

                                                                                        • Doctor of Science in Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing with a specialty in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence from CINVESTAV-IPN Saltillo campus.

                                                                                        • Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering and Physics from CINVESTAV-IPN Monterrey campus

                                                                                        • Various publications in indexed and popular journals on control issues by neural networks, ultrasonic inspection and X-rays.

                                                                                        Cristian Sánchez

                                                                                        Costa Rica │Business Transformation Expert

                                                                                        Leader in business transformation with Digital Technology. More than 25 years of experience in different executive leadership and consulting roles throughout Latin America. Extensive international experience, developing projects with high transformational impact in medium and large scale organizations.

                                                                                        • Master in Project Management

                                                                                        • Information Systems Engineer

                                                                                        • Management career in large technology companies

                                                                                        • Certificate in Biz IT

                                                                                        • PMP, TOGAF, ITIL, Scrum, Cloud certifications, among others

                                                                                        Meet him soon...

                                                                                        Athena Bitcoin expert (company in charge of the technological process of Blockchain in El Salvador, the first country in the world to adopt cryptocurrency as a means of payment).

                                                                                        He will share his technological expertise, results and upcoming trends.

                                                                                        I want to be a ORATOR or SUGGEST an orator


                                                                                        VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY EXPERIENCE

                                                                                        Experts in virtual reality technology will present its potential uses in business and allow participants to live the experience 100% using the implements that compose it in its entirety.

                                                                                          TECNO-ARTISTIC SHOW

                                                                                        Participants will enjoy an art show with the support of laser technology.

                                                                                        PRÓXIMAMENTE   SE ANUNCIARÁN NUEVAS ACTIVIDADES

                                                                                        ¡¡¡Próximamente más actividades!!!

                                                                                        COCTEL  TECNOLOGÍCO

                                                                                         El 6 de julio tendremos al final del evento formal, un coctel         patrocinado por Expand para interactuar sobre tecnología         entre los participantes, expertos y entusiastas de la         tecnología y los negocios.

                                                                                        Learn more about the TOPICS we will discuss

                                                                                        Learn about the most relevant issues in the development of technology in the new digital era.